Making the Amazon bestseller list seemed like a far off dream for me. I thought I would have to write and complete two book series before I would make top 100. But I found an open window when I started running a Kindle Countdown Deal and realized it could be a possibility. I decided to work my butt off within that promotion week to make my book, Junkland, an Amazon bestselling book. Here are the steps I took to making this dream come true.

Pick Your Keywords and Categories Wisely

Amazon provides a good chart for choosing your keywords. You can find it here. You want to choose specific keywords that apply to your book. Amazon provides a hefty list of different categories your book can be in. My book, Junkland, became a bestseller in the categories Action & Adventure Romance Fiction, Teen & Young Adult Coming of Age Fantasy, and Romantic Action & Adventure.

Kindle Countdown Deals

I ran a Kindle Countdown Deal, setting my eBook price at $0.99 for one week starting on Wednesday and ending the following Wednesday. The Kindle Countdown Deal allows you to lower your price while controlling the incremental increase throughout the week. For example, you can start your book at $0.99 and raise the price to $1.99 on the second day (or the day of your choosing), and raise it again to $2.99 on the fourth day, until you get back to your normal price. I prefer to set my promotion price at $0.99 for the entire week because people love cheap books, and I want to gain as many followers as possible in order to succeed in the future.

Facebook Advertisements

Facebook ads work wonders. Ever since I started running Facebook ads, I saw a spike in my sales. But they can get expensive so I do not run them all the time. I spent around $150-$200 on Facebook ads during the week promotion. Setting up Facebook ads is a bit of an art. I recommend checking out Michael Cooper’s book, Help! My Facebook Ads Suck. This book will show you step by step on how to set up an effective Facebook ad.

Join Facebook Groups Geared Towards Book Promotion

I also used Facebook groups geared towards book promotion to promote my book. You can easily use Google to search for large lists of book promotion Facebook groups you can join. Keep a list stored so you do not have to always look them up. I have an excel sheet that lists all of my groups that I have joined. Make sure to read over the rules of each Facebook group to see if you are allowed to promote your book in that group. Trust me, you will get yelled at if you do not follow the rules. I posted in these groups around three to four times during the week promotion.

Use Someone with a Large Following to Promote Your Book

Lacey London has a huge following on Twitter with a ton of loyal followers. She recently offered a deal where she will tweet about your book and promote it for you for a very reasonable, cheap price. You can find her deals on her website here.

Use Your Alumni Sources

I graduated from Virginia Tech in 2015, and I am part of many Virginia Tech Facebook groups including all the graduating classes from 2014 to 2020. Do not be afraid to reach out to people in a similar group as you to help promote and support you. You will be surprised how many people will help out!

Target the Older Generation

When I wrote this Young Adult book, I never thought parents would be interested in buying it. However, my biggest supporters and fans are people over the age of fifty. My mom is a member of the Virginia Tech Parents Facebook group, and she posted about my book promotion. This is where I got most of my sales during the week. Parents love to support a young face who is following their dreams. Plus, they have the money, connections, and time to help you. Parents are like middle schoolers who have just discovered social media. They love sharing stuff. So get on that!

Reach Out to Friends

Ask your friends for help! Your long time group of friends should be your number one support group. If all of your friends told at least one other person about your book, you are going to succeed. So spread the word as much as you can.


You need to use your resources. Making the bestseller list can be achieved in a short period if you take the steps to plan it correctly. I never thought I would make the bestseller list on Amazon within the first four months of my first book, Junkland, being released on Amazon. I thought it would take years. But I have achieved it! And now, on to the next author milestone!

If you have any other questions, please ask me in the comments!