The Goals of an Auxiliar de Conversación in Spain

In my previous post, I started talking about my goals. Goals are important because they are what get you up in the morning, ready to start the day and improve your life. When you were a kid, your goals were set for you: graduate and get a job. Well, now that those goals have been accomplished and you’re now an adult, it’s time to avoid the quarter-life crisis and develop your own goals to push you forward. So, before I dive into the rest of my Spanish adventure, I felt that this would be a perfect time to share my goals I’ve set for my time in Spain:

1. Become fluent in Spanish
For years I’ve had learning Spanish on the back of my mind. I find this strange because I disliked learning it in high school; I even dropped the subject my final year. But my fascination of communicating to someone in another language kept growing, and I decided it’s time to achieve that for myself. 

2. See if I enjoy teaching
I love inspiring and connecting with others. As an Auxiliar de Conversación , I want to use this time to see if I would like to teach full time in the future.


3. Travel, Travel, Travel
I want to see as many places as possible during my time here. I think it’s so important for my writing: expanding my mind and creativity.


4. Learn about Spain’s culture
I have always been fascinated by the Spanish culture: the music, the people, the architecture, the history. I want to continue learning beyond what I learned in school. History and foreign language used to be my worst subjects in school. Now, it’s all I want to learn.


5. Pop the U.S. bubble
The United States is huge! How can anyone possibly think of a world outside? But the world is bigger, and I want to discover it. 


6. Push others to follow their dreams
By taking a break from the engineering life and moving to Spain, I hope to inspire others to also pursue their passions.


7. Pursue writing
I want to use the time I have in Spain to continue writing my books, poetry, and blog. I also want to use my time to get involved with some freelance work.


8. Finish book two in The Hoarding Series
I want to finish and publish book two of The Hoarding seriesThe Lost Soul, and I want to begin writing book three.

9. Keep writing in my travel blog
I want to continue writing in my travel blog to share what I’ve learned with my readers. 


10. Enjoy myself
Life is short. It’s important to do the things you love and to enjoy yourself. Because if you’re not enjoying what you’re doing, then why do it?


What are your goals for this year? Share them in the comments below!

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  1. Mom Mom Schlomann January 17, 2019 at 4:18 pm - Reply

    Patrick Boy am I proud of you!!!!!!!

    • Patrick Johns January 27, 2019 at 10:43 am - Reply

      Haha thanks Mommom!!! Come visit!

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