After a long day of work and cleaning my bike outside before the winter finally hits, I finally got some writing done. I am about two more chapters away from being done with Act 2. Currently, I am writing the climax of my second major turning point of book 2 and also, in my opinion, a major turning point in the overall story of the series. I need to focus on making an amazing character go down the dark side. But hopefully do a better job of it than Hayden Christensen did with Anakin.


I plotted out the first three chapters of Act 3 so I have enough to keep me chugging a long these next few days.

I also hope you enjoyed the next chapter of my book, Junkland in my previous postThis is one of my favorite chapters because it gives you a good background of Alana Poole, her father, mother, and a few knights who become a big part in the story. There are also a few Easter eggs planted in it ;).

And I also hope every has watched the latest episode of Westworld last night on HBO. If you haven’t, I highly recommend catching up. It is on its first season and such an amazing story. It is based on a film that was written by my favorite author, Michael Crichton. There are a lot of theories, twists, and drama within it that keeps you on the edge of your seat. I highly recommend it.dolores

Dolores <3

Happy Monday!

Floppy Salmon