For those who are following along and saw my previous post, I hope you enjoyed the first chapter of Junkland. I will continue to release a sample chapter every Sunday. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

It is a fact that I have outlined more with my second book in my series than I have with my first book, Junkland. In Junkland, I knew what I wanted to happen but it wasn’t exactly clear what each chapter would be about. There was no layout, no guideline, no structure. I just knew the tone and type of story I wanted to create: something like Aladdin.

The first draft of Junkland compared to to the “final” draft is completely different! So I feel with book 2, I am coming in on a much better approach with a more detailed outline. I have outlined most of the chapters and mostly know the majority of the plot and the key plot points. But of course there are those grey chapters that aren’t very clear. And today I have hit my first one.

These are the chapters that will be re written the most. It happened with almost every chapter in Junkland. Pretty much every chapter was grey in that book. I am hoping to limit the amount of rewriting I do in this book but I feel it is unavoidable to find a way around these grey chapters. It also wouldn’t be any fun if I knew what was going to happen in every single chapter from start to finish! As stressful as it is not knowing, this will be where the creativity comes into play.

But for now…I just want to eat and watch some Westworld.

NaNoWriMo word count: 13,870

Happy Monday!

Floppy Salmon