If you missed the big news, I just released my third poetry book Stages of a Healing Heart last month! Check it out here.

It’s spring over here in Washington state and the pollen has been destroying me. But! The nature here fails to disappoint. I’ve only seen 2 hummingbirds in my life before this. Out here in Washington I’ve already seen a total of 4 in just a month.

Just yesterday I saw a male hummingbird courting a female. He would fly really high up in the sky before swooping down at lightening speed to skid across the top of the tree I was standing next to. It amazes me how fast these things can fly.

At first I thought he was attacking me. I have this fear that the hummingbird’s sharp nose will puncture right through me. The thing looks like a fricken needle. He repeated this routine a few times before landing on a tree. Never saw a hummingbird that wasn’t flying. He was so tiny and skinny. And then he flew off with his lady hummingbird. Happy he found love.

Talking about courting and love, I have been recovering from my latest broken heart poetry book launch. Setting up a launch takes a lot of time and trying to fix very tedious things to make sure everything is working. Plus making all the content, communicating with the launch team members, reaching out to people, updating all my books back matter with the latest information, etc, etc.

But this was definitely one of my most successful launches. And it’s not about the book sales (although sales are nice), but more about the connections you make. And I’m very thankful for the connections I made throughout the years publishing this poetry series.

For my fantasy readers who could care less about my poetry, this is great news for you too! Now that I’m done with this poetry series, I will now have more space in my head to focus all my time and energy on FINISHING The Hoarding series. 🙂 Fantasy book updates are coming soon!

What’s your favorite part of spring?

Would love to hear your response 🙂