A Broken Heart Poetry Collection

Oct. 12, 2021

A Broken Heart Poetry Collection took me over a decade to write (2008 – 2020). During this time of teen angst and developing into a young adult, I wrote poems to help me cope with love, change, loss, pain, suffering, sacrifice, depression, failure, but more specifically—breakups. In summer 2018, I decided to go on a hunt for all of these poems. I had to dig through my old block phones, old computers, closets, and drawers. I collected everything I had and compiled all of it into a Word document. It was then when my heart began to ache as I realized I had to go through and read every single poem from the past twelve years. At that moment, I knew this was going to be difficult, knowing I would have to relive all of the memories of my teenage years and of my twenties.

A Broken Heart Poetry Collection will take you on the journey of the emotional struggles I went through while growing up (from the ages of 17 to 29). For me, growing up didn’t start until I discovered what love was, how amazing love could be, and how much love could hurt when it’s taken away. It was always the breakups in my life that made me discover myself just a little bit more. Who I am in this exact moment, blossomed from those breakups. If you had told me ten years ago that I would be living in Spain and pursuing my dream of becoming a writer, I would have thought you were crazy. However, if it hadn’t been for all the breakups, all the pain, all the failure I had experienced in my life, I would never have gotten the push I needed to pursue a better self.

My goal for this poetry collection is to help others who are currently suffering through emotional pain. Whether it’s from a broken relationship, a lost loved one, a difficult change, pain is pain and don’t let anyone tell you differently. We all experience pain in different ways. But just know, on the other side of that pain, is a better, stronger you. Don’t be afraid of pain. Don’t be afraid of suffering. Don’t be afraid to love again. Because the ones who succeed, grow, and learn in life are the ones who welcome failure and pain with open arms.

I want A Broken Heart Poetry Collection to be looked at not as a failure (from all the pain I had suffered), but as a success that has blossomed from that failure. Yes, I still carry these scars with me, and I always will for the rest of my life, but these scars are what have made me…


—Patrick Johns

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Young love. Summer lust. Hopeless futures.

Focusing on poems of infatuation, love, and disillusion, Stages of a Scattered Mess will have every hopeless romantic reminiscing on what could have been. These poems are for those who have loved, for those who have committed, and for those who have lost it all. Patrick Johns’s raw emotions allow readers to reconnect with their past relationships and put together the missing pieces. This is a story of young love and hopeless futures, but more importantly, a story of apprehension and growth.

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*As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.


Recurring nightmares. Painful scars. Heartbreaking betrayals.

A breakup can feel even more painful than losing a loved one. When the person who betrayed your heart still walks this earth, there’s always a slight hope of recovering what is gone. And instead of moving on, you’re trapped in wondering what once was, leaving you tangled in recurring nightmares and forever marked with painful scars. But time heals all wounds, and the perfect way to overcome this insufferable stage is by connecting.

Patrick Johns releases his broken heart in Stages of a BreakupFocusing on poems of denial, anger, and depression, this poetry collection portrays the struggles Johns faced from his adolescence to adulthood when he had his heart broken. Taking his honest thoughts from his old block phones, phone notes, and crumpled papers lying in his closet, Johns looks back on his own past relationships to recast his raw emotions, allowing readers to connect to the agony, the trauma, the suffering faced during a breakup.

This is a story of young love and heartbreaking betrayals, but more importantly, a story of apprehension and growth.

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I Trusted You With My Heart is an emotionally raw poetry chapbook focusing on the mental struggles faced during a breakup, after years of built-up trust suddenly disappear.

Whether it was summer love or love that had lasted years, a breakup can haunt even the strongest of minds. Memories that once filled you with joy now have you twisting and turning in another sleepless night. Desperate, you run through every single situation, from the first time you met to the moment you said goodbye. You struggle to put together pieces that don’t fit, trying to find some kind of sense in a tragedy that has only one answer: You must forgive them by forgiving yourself, accept the unsolvable reality, and move on.

Patrick Johns spills his heart out onto the pages of I Trusted You With My Heart, a poetry chapbook focusing on poems of young love and broken relationships. Raw emotions taken from his old block phones and crumpled papers lying in his closet, Johns shares the struggles he faced from his adolescence to adulthood when he had his heart torn to pieces. As Johns looks back on his own past relationships, he hopes other hopeless romantics can connect and reminisce on what could have been, giving them the opportunity to reflect, acknowledge, forgive, and most importantly, move on.