I only had three beta readers for Junkland. Now, for The Lost Soul, I had fourteen people willing to be a beta reader, and most of them reached out to me demanding I put them on the list. This is the support that keeps me going, when people show interest in what I am doing. These readers believed in what I was doing, wanting to help and improve my story to make it even better. This is just one example how my fans have pushed me forward.

I wanted to dedicate a post to all of my amazing fans because without your support during the long year of writing Junkland, I wouldn’t have become an author. It has been hard pursuing this dream; obstacles have gotten in my way and life has tried to knock me down. But it has been all my inspiring fans, friends, family, Uber drivers, beta readers, editor, website designer, grandmas, engineering advisor, Disney films, teachers, authors, writers, and people who also dream, believe, pursue, who have kept me on my path. Thank you for helping me achieve my goals, dreams, beliefs, and passions, supporting it all no matter how absurd it is.

My only goal when writing Junkland was to inspire just one person I didn’t know. In the past year I have exceeded that goal more than a handful of times with people of all ages and backgrounds reaching out to me letting me know how much of an inspiration I have been for them. Mainly because of my diverse background in engineering, math, and writing. I went from being an engineer to becoming an author. This step shows people they do not need to stay in the same field for the rest of their lives, they don’t need to be an English wizard/witch to write a book. You can just be yourself with the urge to pour your heart out onto a piece of paper. Even if you received F’s on all your English papers back in school, don’t let that stop you from writing your book. English was my worst subject in school. I could never get an A on any paper I wrote. You can do anything if you dream, believe, pursue.

Thank you fans. Without you, there wouldn’t be a Junkland. Without you, there wouldn’t be a second book underway. I am excited to keep going on this journey to inspire others to also follow their dreams.

If you’ve stuck with me all week, reading all of my Junkland one year anniversary posts, thank you! This is just the beginning 😉 

-Author Pat

The best fans an author could ask for!