I am proud to announce the latest product in the Patrick Johns Writes library: Stages of a Scattered Mess hardcover.

For those of you who don’t know, I released my first poetry book on October 11th called Stages of a Scattered Mess. This will be the first of three books in A Poetry Collection of Growing Up. This poetry collection reveals my raw emotions from my adolescence to adulthood, taking my honest thoughts from my old block phones, phone notes, and crumpled papers lying in my closet. Stages of a Scattered Mess focuses on poems of infatuation, love, and disillusion.

Kindle Direct Publishing just released their beta version of creating hardcover books. So of course I had to transform one of my babies. I chose the poetry book over my fantasy series because it was the easiest to format, especially with the cover art. The cover art for hardcover books has different dimensions than paperback. But overall, it was a really simple process to convert it. KDP transferred the data on the detail and product page from my eBook, saving me the hassle of putting in all the same information.

After ordering my own copy, I’m really pleased with the product. The front page of the paperback books on KDP tend to wear and tear easily so it’s nice having a hardcover book to preserve its beauty. I’m hoping by adding this hardcover copy, it will attract more fans eager to add this to their personal libraries. 

You can snag your hardcover copy on Amazon by clicking HERE.

Thanks again for the support!