Writing. A word that gets me up in the morning. The reason why I decided to put a hold on my engineering career and pursue this dream of mind. My whole life I had a passion for writing as I wrote my own stories, song lyrics, poems, and I even took a creative writing class in university. Now, I’ve written a best-selling book, started an online literary magazine, written countless original songs, written for personal events, written blog posts, and much, much more with many personal projects in the works.

On this life-changing journey, I’ve acquired skills and knowledge I would like to share with others. My overall goal is to provide my writing skills, and the knowledge I’ve obtained from the business surrounding it, to give back to the community. 

Below you will find the services I am offering. Please contact me for more details and any questions you may have ( Thank you!


Whether it’s copy for website content, social media posts, blog posts, or for another platform for your company, my focus is to increase your brand awareness through eye catching copy.

Interior Book Design

Have you written a book, but you’re unsure how to prepare it for a hardcover, paperback, or eBook? Each publisher has different requirements regarding what they need in order to distribute your book. With your publisher’s requirements, I can design the interior of your book and prepare it to be submitted to your publisher.

Interior Book Design Samples:

Zoon Garden by Jordan O’Donnell (Paperback, eBook, and Hardcover)

Junkland by Patrick Johns (Paperback and eBook)

Relocation Darling, Relocation by Ayelet Mamo Shay (eBook)

The Kraken’s Spire Literary Magazine (Online Literary Magazine)

Amazon Book Management

Only want to focus on your writing instead of all the technical business that comes after with book management, distribution, and marketing? I have spent the last four years working with multiple publishing and distribution platforms allowing writers to publish their books and manage them. I can help you manage your book to calculate how much you earn, promotions, which markets to target, etc.

Books I manage:

Junkland by Patrick Johns

Relocation Darling, Relocation by Ayelet Mamo Shay

The Kraken’s Spire Literary Magazine

Content Editing

This type of editing looks at the structure of your work. I will read through your work and provide in-depth feedback in the form of comments. This feedback will help improve your work, making it more enjoyable for the reader. Whether it’s fiction or non-fiction or resumes.

Song Lyric Writing

Have great music for a song but are lacking the words? I have been writing song lyrics for twelve years now. I can help you add great words to your catchy tune.

Writing Samples:

Boardwalk Stars

My Greatest Fear


The Photos of Us

Website Management

Have an idea for a website an unsure how to build it? Or too busy to maintain the website you already have? I can help bring your website to life and also help manage it while you can spend your time focusing on your products.

Writing for a Personal Event

Have the words inside of you but unsure how to express them on paper? You can jot down the notes of what you want to say for your personal event, and I can make the story come to life.


Need a clean pair of eyes to glance over something you’ve written? I’ve dealt with proofreading resumes to documents of over a hundred thousand words.

Social Media Marketing

I can help promote your product to broaden your market and to attract more buyers.


“Patrick has been a huge help to me! He’s taken on a variety of tasks related to my content marketing business including research, writing, and content management tasks. He’s always willing to help and eager to learn.”

Rebecca Rosenberg, Content Strategist

“Professional, knowledgeable, time-sensitive, extremely responsive, and, to top it off, one heck of a nice guy.”

Jordan O’Donnell, Author of Zoon Garden