The Music Spotlight

My latest tune, The Dancing Man, is out NOW on Spotify.

I wrote this song back in my EDM days in 2012. I really wish I could go back and see how I wrote it, because whenever I listen to it now I am always in wonder on how the heck I wrote this thing. Writing EDM songs on FL Studio is a bit different because I’m technically not playing any instruments when I’m writing, I’m just picking out instruments that my ear is vibing with in that moment and try to choose some notes to make a riff that goes along with the beat I created.

And the lyrics always crack me up in this song. This is the ONLY EDM song I wrote with vocals. I have always been into disco music and wanted to create a Saturday Night Fever type of vibe. And I love how it tells the story about the glory and struggles that come with being The Dancing Man.

After 11 years, I was finally able to re-record the original vocals with my new equipment and my matured singing voice (if you think my voice is bad now, it was horrific 11 years ago). Practice makes perfect.

I hope you enjoy The Dancing Man as much as I enjoyed writing and recording it! Please share it!!

Dance to make them dance 🕺🏼