Book Coaching Spotlight

Make Connections

This past month my amazing Life Coach gave me an assignment for the month of February to reach out to as many people as possible in the book coaching world, author community, and corporate settings to network, learn, and make valuable connections.

After talking to a bunch of coaches, authors, and other people who I viewed as being the next level up from myself, people who I wanted to become, I learned a very important lesson from all of them. None of them got to where they were without developing their own connections.

Right now my plan is to publish my third poetry book Stages of a Healing Heart this spring. This will be the FINAL book in the Broken Heart Poetry Collection saga. I wanted to do things bigger and better with launching this book now that I’ve grown as an author and have developed a community of fans around these books. One of my valuable author friends has influenced me to really go all out with this book release and taught me the importance of developing a reliable list of fans that will make up my launch team.

But this list of super fans isn’t a list you develop over night. This list is something you grow over time. 

And this is the lesson I’ve learned this month with growing an author business: Don’t focus so much on the sales, but focus more on making valuable connections.

A sale is nice, but a valuable connection will give you book sales for the rest of your life and reviews to tickle that algorithm. And they might even help spread the word to get you even more sales in the end.

So next time you have a book launch, I challenge you to design your book launch around creating valuable connections. Because these are the people that are going to define your success as an author and get you to the next level of your author career.

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