I can’t believe The Lost Soul book tour is over. Time flies. I spent 3 months setting up this book tour and it feels like the tour happened in a day. This was a whole different experience compared to when I published my first book, Junkland, back in November 2017. With Junkland, I pretty much clicked “Publish” and waited to see what happened. It was very anti-climatic. I published my book and asked myself, now what? Yea I posted a few things here and there but overall, I did little marketing. And I saw a huge success within the first 3 months of publishing. Junkland became a bestseller on amazon after 3 months of being published.

This time, it was the opposite. I worked my fricken butt off putting together The Lost Soul book tour. 3 whole months. Time I could have used spending with my friends or working out or relaxing. I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into when diving into setting up a month long book tour. And woh was it an experience. When I clicked “Publish” on June 1st, I felt excitement as I had a whole month of activities and events planned with wonderful people. That was the best part of this whole experience, connecting with others who also love books.

I have not seen the success as I saw with Junkland 3.5 years ago, but the experience of publishing was so much better this time around. Each person on this book tour made the book release thrilling and exciting. It filled my heart seeing so many people coming together from all across the world to support my work.

I wanted to make this post to say thank you to everyone who participated in The Lost Soul book tour. You are all amazing people, and I’m so happy my writing and our love for books has brought us together. I wish you all the best and happy reading!

The Lost Soul, the second book in The Hoarding series, is available now on Amazon at:

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