I’ve decided to extend The Lost Soul book tour to give other wonderful readers publicity to grow their own brand. I feel this is a great place to share their words, reviews, faces, and beauty with my fans. As an avid reader, I love connecting with other readers to know their stories, where they are from, and what is on their reading list. This book tour has helped me connect with readers from all over the world, and I want to continue this journey of connecting with others who share the same love that I have for reading. 

The first reader on this extended book tour is Kaitlyn! Kaitlyn is a bookstagrammer and you can follow her here (@an0de2b00ks). Kaitlyn is an avid reader who devours fiction like a kid eating cookies. When she’s not reading she’s writing reviews or stories of her own. One day she hopes to publish her own novel and be buried under piles of manuscripts that need editing.

Check out Kaitlyn’s review of The Hoarding series on Instagram (@an0de2b00ks):

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The Lost Soul: 

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Thanks again Kaitlyn for reading The Hoarding series and supporting my writing. I wish you all the best with writing your own novel! You got this! 

The Lost Soul, the second book in The Hoarding series, is available now on Amazon at:

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