Today is day twenty-eight of The Lost Soul book tour and this marks the finale of the book tour. And what better way to end it then with Ramsey Public Library.

Ramsey Public Library is located in Ramsey, New Jersey…my hometown! This is the library I always went to with my parents to rent my favorite VHS movies and also read my favorite books. I never thought a time in my life would come where someone checks out a book I’ve written from the Ramsey Public Library. How crazy is that? Thank you Ramsey Public Library for making my dreams come true and for supporting my writing!

I was fortunate to get the Ramsey Public Library on The Lost Soul book tour where we will be doing a live interview about The Hoarding series!

You can watch the author talk here:

You can register online to request the zoom login information here:

Thanks again Ramsey Library for being a part of The Lost Soul book tour! I will be paying you a visit this summer to take some pictures with my books ๐Ÿ™‚

To find out more about the Ramsey Public Library, visit their website:

Thank you everyone for the support during The Lost Soul book tour. This has been such a truly amazing experience. My favorite part is all the connections I have made during this tour. And I appreciate all the support. You are the reason why I continue to write, in the hopes that you also get inspired to follow your dreams.


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