After waiting a few months for Pinocchio to finally come out of the Disney Vault in January, I was finally able to get my hands on it through my local library. This is the second Disney film. It was based on a children’s novel titled, “The Adventures of Pinocchio.”

I honestly cannot remember the last time I watched this movie. What I do remember was watching it numerous times at my grandmother’s house when I was little. So old feelings and memories popped up right from the beginning.

Now that I am older, I was able to comprehend more of the movie. Pinocchio is a messed up movie! I had nightmares after watching it. The villains in the movie sell “stupid” kids to this man who brings them to a place called Paradise Island where the kids are allowed to do whatever they want without consequences. As good as this sounds, the man drugged the kid’s beers and cigars causing them to turn into donkeys to be shipped and sold. Messed up! But luckily, Pinocchio escaped, only to learn that his father had been eaten by a giant whale called Monstro. So half donkey, half puppet, Pinocchio, went on a journey to save his father with his conscious, Jiminy Cricket and becomes a real boy.

My favorite part of this movie were all the adult jokes sneaked into the dialogue. And I enjoyed Figaro (the cat) and Cleo (the fish) and how they annoyed each other the whole movie.

Overall I really enjoyed re watching Pinocchio as an adult for the first time. It definitely gave me a whole new perspective on the movie. I wonder when I will watch it again in my life.

Updates on my novel, Junkland:

I have officially received comments from my Beta Readers and I am now in the process of fixing my novel with their comments. I am hoping to get this all done soon and have my book out by April!

Patrick Johns