I hope your bellies are rumbling because day thirteen of The Lost Soul book tour brings us together with Feed Steph Food.

Feed Steph Food is a food blog hosted by my amazing friend, Steph! Her blog shares her favorite meals all around New Jersey, New York, and any place she travels to. I just got done looking at one of her latest posts of cinnamon rolls and now my mouth is watering. Steph is also a freelance writer and a content curator. She grew up in the town next door to me in New Jersey, studied at the University of South Carolina, has lived in Charlotte for a few years, and is now living in good old New Jersey again! I can’t wait to come home to New Jersey again and try delicious Chinese food, amazing Mexican food, and to die for bagels. Oh, and can’t forget about pizza Fridays! 

Check out Steph on Instagram (@feedstephfood): https://www.instagram.com/feedstephfood/

Thank you so much Steph for being a part of The Lost Soul book tour and supporting my writing! See you soon! 

Stay tuned for more book tour fun! Next up: Little Book Light


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