Today is day twenty-four of The Lost Soul book tour and we are joined with author Capes!

Capes is the pseudonym for the fantasy author TL Adamms. I was very fortunate to connect with TL Adamms on Twitter after I had published Junkland in 2017. We stayed in touch, helping each other with our writing journeys, and now I’m proud to say that she has become a good friend. Capes is from the United States, but like me, has fallen in love with Spain where she is currently residing. Capes published her first book, Decagon, in January 2020. She hopes to infuse a music festival vibe into adult fantasy fiction. I was honored to have beta read her upcoming book, The Unburied Queen, which I loved! And I can’t wait to read the final version 🙂

I’m lucky to have gotten Capes on The Lost Soul book tour to share her review of The Hoarding series!

You can find her review of The Hoarding series on her Instagram (

To learn more about Capes, visit her website:

Thanks again Capes for being a part of The Lost Soul book tour and for supporting my writing. I am so happy our writing journeys have brought us together.

Stay tuned for more book tour fun! Next up: The Good Energy Healing Show


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