Already a week in as we hit day seven of The Lost Soul book tour. Today we say hello to Shadow Runner.

Shadow Runner is a bookstagram hosted by Petra. Petra is a reader from Chicago with a goal of reading 30 books this year. That’s my goal too! And I actually think I’m going to complete it this year! She’s a proud Hufflepuff, and I’m happy to share the same favorite Disney movie with her: Aladdin. I’m honored to have both of my babies be a part of Petra’s reading list this year. It has been so much fun working together with her on this book tour.

To check out what Petra thinks of The Hoarding series, head over to Instagram (@shadowrunner4310):

Junkland Review:

The Lost Soul Review:

Thanks again, Petra, for being a part of The Lost Soul book tour. It has been so much fun discussing my own series with you while you read it and talking about other fun book nerd schenanigans.

Stay tuned for more book tour fun! Next up: Lost in Letters


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